Foggy, Sunny, Chilly Monday. Cloudy Tuesday. Rainy Wednesday.

We have a variety of weather coming for us this week.  We start tiday with a very chilly morning. We got down to 0.9°C and a windchill of -2C this morning. Definitely our coldest morning of the fall so far. I didn’t notice any frost on my windshield but maybe there was some in your area.

Once I drove out of the fog on the hump the stars were briht and beautiful with Venus (I think!) shining brightly above Mt. Arrowsmith.

The fog should burn off fairly early this morning and reveal a very pleasant and sunny 10°C day. A few clouds will creep into the picture overnight and Tuesday will be a mainly cloudy day but still start cold and end with a high around 8°C.

The weather changes on Wednesday morning with light showers starting overnight Tuesday/Wednesday in the 11PM-1AM period.

You will wake up to rain in the 4-7AM hours.

And then it will taper off in the 11AM-1PM Wednesday.

Before ending completely in the early afternoon.

I checked the snowfall amounts expected for this system but unfortunately the freezing level will remain far above any of our south vancouver island mountains.

There is a little more rain expected Thursday and Friday but nothing serious but we might at least see a little snow on the mountain by the end of the week.

Happy Monday!

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