So yesterday was a pretty great day for weather watchers. We had rain, wind, lightning, thunder, rainbows… a little bit of everything!

I was excited to get a chance to download the video from my webcam and find all of the lightning strikes as recorded in real time. I thought it might be hard because there is no running timestamp on the live video, but since I know it restarts at 12 noon (and 12 midnight) every day, and thanks to twitter giving me a general area, the sound signatures were pretty easy to spot! So here’s the video! (Make sure you have the sound up and it is set to HD too!)

Below is the audio waveform sound signature from the biggest strike. The little blue marker is where the lightning strike occurs. It is about 23 frames before the thunder starts which would be just under 1 second after the lightning. The whole clip is about 27 seconds.

Some more fun from yesterday. My father in law Cliff sent me some wonderful pictures of a very low rainbow. And a cool video of raindrops! Which I posted on Twitter and Facebook. Here they both are permanently.

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