Nothing but sunshine – Possible frost or fog in the morning

It’s a really simple forecast this week as we head into our first stretch of hot weather of the year! Current models and forecast have us up as high as 22ºC on Thursday and Friday and then continuing into the weekend!

Sunday actually looks the hottest of all, with the UWash Model showing highs of between 22-25ºC in the imagery below.

As the skies will be clear we could see some frost or fog in the mornings until the sun gets over Mt. Arrowsmith.

Changing next week.

The last model run shows the hot air breaking down next Monday but given how variable the long range forecasts have been this past year I’d just wait to see what they say closer to the date.

Temperature records? Possible

The record high-temperature for the Airport this time of year is in the low twenties so it’s possible we get in that range.

Enjoy the Sun!

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