Welcome back!

It’s been too long since I last posted. We had a wonderful summer, and that includes me and my family getting out of town and heading all the way across Canada to PEI and back! It was super fun. We saw, and experienced, some crazy weather, and just generally saw a lot of Canada! We also did it in our EV while pulling a little trailer, so that was a big part of the adventure too! If you’d like to know more about the journey and the EV experience, you can see it on my personal blog “Saving CO2 on a Cross Country EV Journey”

Fall is here

According to the Alberniweather Almanac the Equinox occurs today at 6:03PM.

You can also see the Winter Solstice is set for December 21 at 1:47PM. The beautiful, but dry, weather will eventually give way to Fall rain and maybe some winter snow. We’ll see. For now, though, the weather is beautiful.

Beautiful weekend coming after Friday showers

A few much needed showers will hopefully move through early Friday morning.

They’ll slide down the Island starting around 6AM Friday in Port Alberni and they may linger much of the day. I don’t expect a large amount of rain, but hopefully enough to fill a few rain barrels and give the gardens and fruit trees a drink.

Things clear up by the evening with the system having moved off to the East by then.

Incredible storm heading for Eastern Canada

Hurricane Fiona is heading north and will impact the east coast of Canada with a central pressure of 920hPa (92.0kPa). This is Category 5 type barometric pressures so this will be a potentially devastating storm.

I shared the tweet below with my family today. It shows up to 30ft waves off of the East side of PEI.


It’s crazy to think that a place so idyllic can get that nasty, but we did see some storm clouds while we were there too!

Any storms headed our way?

Looking out through the next week we have a pretty calm pattern through the weekend, but around Wednesday the models do start to pick up some more activity brewing in the Northern Pacific with some strong storms forming and marching their way toward us.

At this point it looks like these early storms will land onto the North Coast, but it might be a sign that fall truly is coming.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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