Days of stagnant-dry weather

The forecast looks *very* stagnant. Aside from a slight chance of some east coast strait effect snow on Sunday the 18th, there is essentially no precipitation in the forecast until at least Wednesday next week.

For many places this will mean partially cloudy or even sunny skies. For Port Alberni, this is likely to mean a little more fog in the morning and possibly low cloud lasting through the day. If you want to see sun, head uphill!

This might also be a period of poor air quality too as we often get into inversion conditions with these long dry spells and the forestry companies may also light up slash-piles nearby.

Christmas Forecast – First Look – No Confidence

Since the weather is so boring, the only thing left to do is to try to predict Christmas! :+)

We are now within range of the 16 day forecast at SpotWX. Take these with a LARGE grain of salt.

Temperature (click for larger):

The long term trend shows temperatures hovering around zero until the 22/23rd and then moving up to 5ºC through the 28th.

Precipitation (click for larger):

The long term trend shows precipitation at or near zero until the 21/22nd and then some precipitation between the 23rd and 26th

There are two ways to look at the forecast.

  • The pessimist might say the warm up around the 22nd erases any chance for anything but a Green Christmas.
  • The optimist might say since there is precipitation in the forecast for the 23rd, 24th and 25th, then we’re just a few degrees away from 6ft of snow! 🙂
  • The realist might say it’s all way too early and we should really cool our jets until next Monday at least before we can make any serious predictions.

You can take your pick on which bandwagon to be on!

Reminder – Tooting from Mastodon

Just as a reminder, I’ve moved my social media over to Mastodon. My toots there will be repeated on Twitter but I might not see any replies. If you’d like to join Mastodon check out my previous post on it. It’s been good so far. Twitter marked my tweet of that blog post as “sensitive” apparently because I dared mention Mastodon… I guess they don’t want people moving over 🙂

Have a great week!

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