Fireworks tonight at Tyee Landing / Harbour Quay! Salmon Fest and First week of school forecast.

Don’t forget there will be a fireworks show to kick off the 2018 Salmon Festival tonight! The show starts at dusk and there will be music simulcast on The Peak! If you are going down to Harbour Quay or Tyee Landing to watch, bring a jacket. It will probably be a little chilly!

It was a beautiful morning this morning as I walked out and could see the moon and Orion together in the brightening sky.

Don’t be too deflated by the cloudy forecast. There is very little chance of rain. It is actually looking like a very nice, pleasant weekend. We should be smoke free and the sun should return for Sunday and Monday but it won’t get too hot.

Make sure you get down to Tyee Landing this weekend to see the Big Fish and all the rest of the Salmon Fest activites. 

The first week of school and run up to Fall Fair look very pleasant. Again, no rain in the forecast, just a mix of sun and cloud and temperatures around the mid twenties.  Perfect!

Have a wonderful Labour Day Weekend!

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