Excellent grass and garden growing weather coming!

We got a nice little break from the rain today as we wait for the next system to come through.

Friday nice most of the day.

Friday should be OK for most of the day, especially for the central and east Island. But expect showers to start after 5PM as the first band of moisture moves through.

Here’s the system moving in in the 2-5PM period.

Showers and rain will be brief though and end around midnight. But there is more coming.

Saturday wet start.

Showers will begin early on Saturday morning as the main band approaches.

It will probably be windy as well so make sure you stow the potted plants! 🙂

The main band of rain will hit the Island in the 11AM-2PM period.

Expect it to last most of the afternoon but it should taper off to just scattered showers by nightfall.

Sunday Showery

No major fronts will come through Sunday but there will be lots of lingering showers so it might feel just as rainy as Saturday.

Monday, then Tuesday – Rain

There’s more, but possibly mostly focused on the evenings. Here’s Monday evening:

And Tuesday night.

Oh and next Friday!

(but not Wednesday/Thursday)

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