Cool week but mainly dry. Webcam Youtube timelapses return (once I stop breaking things)

Halloween turned out pretty nice as long as you got your rounds done by 7PM.  The rain didn’t seem to stop the bonfires or fireworks though so in all it seems to have been a pretty successful weekend.  We got a fair bit of rain on Sunday as well but that should be the end of it for the next few days.  The cold air was good enough to cause snow to fall on both Mt. Washington (image above) and Mt. Arrowsmith.

Environment Canada has us getting down to 1C this week in the morning of Wednesday but the UWash models don’t have quite that close to freezing.  That said, local frost is certainly possible, especially out in the deeper parts of the Valley.  For most part though I would expect fairly cloudy and foggy mornings turning cloudy to partly sunny in the afternoons.  By Thursday and Friday rain will be moving back into the picture.

Webcam timelapse back

Speaking of pictures, I have finally managed to update the google code that had become obsolete a few months back and prevented my timelapse videos from being uploaded automatically to youtube.  The videos were all still created on my computer. I just did not have a way to automatically upload them to youtube nor the time to do it manually every morning.

In the process of fixing the code for the youtube uploads I broke the webcam capture code… and then I had to leave… So I will hopefully get to that today and it will all be back up and happy.

That functionality has now returned and you will again now see the latest videos uploaded on the webcams page here.  If you click the webcam pic today you will actually see the full video for the month of October.

That video will also be on the upcoming October summary that I hope to publish this week.

Happy November!

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