Cool mornings but beautiful week ahead! Time for star gazing?

Spring is here! Don’t let the frost this morning fool you. It is going to be a beautiful warm spring day and it will be like that until at least Friday when a little bit of moisture comes down the east side of the Island. We’ll see if that chance increases or decreases as we approach Friday.

Other than that though, the only question will be how cool we are every morning and how warm we get every afternoon.

There will be a chance of frost as we get near zero every morning. Afternoons will get up to between 15-20°C.

That’s it!

Great nights for stargazing

These clear nights will be perfect for checking out the night sky.

This is a nice website specifically looking for objects like asteroids or comets that might be visible and also gives rise and set times (in UTC) for all planets.

If you have a little telescope, now is the time to use it! The skies are more clear than they have been for years.

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