June 30, 2022

CONTEST TIME: When will we hit 30C?

OK, because so many people had so much fun last winter predicting the first snowfall (Which was won by Mary on December 12)… we’re going to run another contest.

When will the Alberniweather Thermometer hit 30.0C?

Here are the rules:

#1: You must pick a date, hour, and minute (eg. July 3 12:45).

#2: Closest time wins.

#3: You must enter your guess in the comments section of this post.

#4: You can only pick once, so choose carefully.

#5: I reserve the right to add to these rules since I probably missed something. πŸ™‚

#6: There will be a prize to the winner… to be announced at the time (because it’s more fun when you don’t know!)

#7: If my wife (Theresa) wins she will get a prize as will the next closest contestant. (She’s still a little bitter at having guessed correctly in December and never got that new snow shovel! This time she’ll probably get a prize whether she wins or not! πŸ˜€ )

#8: If we don’t reach 30C by September 21, then no one wins… well, except Mother Nature, she can be a cruel lady!

#9: Guesses must be submitted by Midnight, 0:00PDT the day of your guess. (ie. No guesses on the day of)

So that’s it. Start picking! As your guesses start to come in I will put them on a Google Calendar so that you can see them all.

It is worth noting that generally, the hottest time of the day on my station is somewhere between 3 and 5.. that said, on hot days it climb very fast starting around 10AM.

Good Luck!

UPDATE: The Calendar is up and we have our first guess, thanks Kelly!

UPDATE 2: Wow, thanks everyone for submitting your guesses! For those who haven’t yet, remember you don’t have to pick different days only different times. So if someone guess July 1, 3:45PM then pick July 1 3:46 and you might just win! (Can you tell I watched The Price Is Right growing up? Except in this contest… closest time wins! Over or Under. πŸ™‚ )

66 thoughts on “CONTEST TIME: When will we hit 30C?

  1. Wow! Thank you everyone! Tell your friends! And remember if you haven’t already picked a date and time… you can pick the same *day* as someone else, as long as you pick a different time… closest one wins!

  2. Hey…….everyone else gets 10mins. I only get 1 min ’cause mean ol’ Dan sneaked in just to spite me.LOL, Dirty pool Dan. The race is on!

    Good luck all!

  3. Haha… yes I laughed this morning. I think Dan must be a former Price Is Right watcher like me.

    Don’t worry though, you have the “low” side, he’s got the “high” side.

    Unless someone comes along and grabs 3:14PM, but that would just be nasty!

    (and just to be clear, the 10min allotments you see in Google are simply a function of Google. Your time is your exact time and as long as you are closer than the next person then you win. πŸ™‚ )

    Looks like we’re starting to level off for today!

    Will we have to wait until tomorrow? πŸ˜€

  4. Well…..I’m out, and so are you Dan….,.na,na,na,na,na,na!

    Good luck to the rest of you!

  5. Ha ha, yeah I was a Price Is Right watcher, I would have given the prize to Eve though!!

  6. A reminder… you can only vote ONCE. I will remove any guesses that I see are coming from the same address and/or email as that’s the only way i can make sure people aren’t cheating. I’ll just delete the guesses (sorry Mike and Elaine) and you’ll have to resubmit them.



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