Cold mornings sunny days before possible first high-elevation snow Saturday.

Starting Windy

We should have a nice stretch of weather ahead! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should all feature sun.

As we move into this new pattern we will have some northern winds today.

That will be more noticeable along the east side of the Island but we should get some in Port Alberni as well.

The question will be how much fog we have in the overnight and morning hours and whether that will hold into the morning. It will also determine how cold it will be.

All of the models are expecting high humidity, thus fog, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

That fog should burn off by or after noon everyday and be quite pleasant in the afternoon.

First high elevation snow on Saturday?

Depending how cold we get and on the timing of the precipitation coming through on Saturday we should at least see our first high elevation snow on Saturday.

If you are travelling on Saturday be prepared for possible wet snow on the hump or on Sutton pass. We’ll know more over the next few days.

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