Houston under nearly 4 feet of rainfall in 24 hours.

Imelda has dropped over 1000mm on southern Texas in the past 24 hours. Chris Doyle provided some context.

This is climate change yesterday.

This is climate change today.

First Friday of Global Climate Strikes

That is why millions around the world are striking for the climate. Here are images from around the world today. More are planned for next Friday, the 27th. Especially in Canada. There are marches planned in Vancouver and Victoria, plus Nanaimo and other communities. I have not heard whether one is planned for Port Alberni but I will let you know if I hear.

Appropriately, the day began in the Pacific. Where islanders are watching their islands literally sink under the rising seas.


It is time for governments And politicians to show courage. Climate is not a right or left issue. We should be united in wanting to survive. We will not survive as long as we continue to use fossil fuels as we are. It requires massive change, but if governments take massive action, I believe people will support them as long as the goal is clear: to clear our skies, preserve the planet we understand, and survive as a species.

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