Chilly wind Friday – Showers over Weekend – Possible big storm Tuesday.

We ended the most recent rainfall with 40mm of rain falling mostly Thursday. Some of it even fell as sleet in Port Alberni and wet snow on the Hump and Sutton Pass.

Low pressure is moving across the Island right now. The barometer is at 989hPa. This morning’s model expected a 987mb low to move down the Island this morning.

As of right now the barometer is rising after bottoming at 986.4hPa which should mean the low has passed to the south of Port Alberni.

As this low continues to move south, strong and chilly northwesterly winds should pick up behind it.

This should last through Friday afternoon and evening.

Saturday should start quiet but rain will move in across the Island in the afternoon lasting into Sunday morning with scattered showers lingering through Sunday.

Saturday wave
Sunday showers

Next week we have what looks like a pretty stormy week coming.

The model is showing a very strong, 960mb low moving up from the Southwest and brushing north up along Vancouver Island peaking off Brooks Peninsula and Cape Scott Tuesday morning.

50kt = 90kph
50kt = 90kph

The exact track of this low will determine how damaging it is to our area and the Lower Mainland. Right now, it has 45-50knot 80-95kph winds with higher gusts in the Tofino and Barkley Sound and Alberni Inlet area.

We will need to keep an eye on it in the coming days.

Happy Friday!

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