Expect an Inversion

It’s fall, and while we haven’t had the rain we normally get in November, we are now getting into inversion conditions with cold air being trapped in local Valleys like ours, and warmer air up in the hills.

You can expect poor Air Quality to accompany the inversion. If you can avoid burning any firewood, that will help keep the Air Quality numbers OK. The Island Health and ECCC have posted an Air Quality Advisory for Port Alberni this morning.


You can keep an eye on the Air Quality Map by clicking the link below. The image below is a snapshot right now. Click to see the live readings.

Anything over 25 at the main station (diamond icon) is considered poor.

Cold and Foggy few days

The next number of days will be cold as well. We could see temperatures at the Airport get down to -5ºC. It will probably not get quite that cold in town but it might. If you forgot last time, bring in your hoses from outside. Not a bad time to turn the water off to any outside taps from inside and drain your connections.

All the cold air and inversion should mean fog in the Valley but there may be sunny breaks later in the day. This pattern will last into the Weekend.

Watch for fog if you’re driving and please slow down.

Chance of Rain Sunday

Our next chance at some precipitation is on Sunday.

A Pacific system is expected to come through Sunday afternoon and evening. This is almost 7 days away though so we’ll have to wait to see if this verifies. Let’s hope it does!

Happy Monday all!

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