Cereal Box Eclipse viewer! Eclipse Starts 9:08, Max 10:19, End 11:35


Well it is getting to be almost over. I was lucky enough to see it through official University of Toronto (??) glasses directly.  Though even with the glasses my eyes feel tired.

But I think the coolest way to see it was on the ground through the leaves of a tree!


And on paper from the same tree…


Here is the raw data… If it seemed like it was dim out, and it felt a little cooler, well you are right!  Here is the data from the weather station.  Solar Radiation in yellow went down to about what it was like at 8AM this morning.  UV rating went down too.


Here is the temperature:


The little office crystal ball is amazing!




Are you ready for the Eclipse?!

The weather looks perfect *except if you are on the West Coast*.  Tofino Airport is currently reporting fog.


The moon will begin to cover the sun at 9:08AM

The moon will cover the maximum amount of the sun (86.3% in Port Alberni) at 10:18AM

The moon will exit the sun completely at 11:35AM


Do Not Look At The Sun.  It will painlessly burn your eyes.


View it live on TV or on the Internet. www.nasa.gov

You might also be able to view it on my Youtube webcam.

But NASA will have a much more exciting view!

Welders Goggles. #12 to #14

Approved Eclipse glasses.

Don’t point your phone at the sun. It is safe for you to view on your phone, but you might damage your phones lens (just like it damaging your eye!)

Use an empty cereal box! We did this in about 10 minutes last night!

1: Trace the bottom of the box on a white piece of paper.

2: Cut out the traced rectangle and put it in the bottom of the box.

3: Cut the little side flaps off the box opening.

4. Cut the ends of the top flaps so that there is only the part that holds together in the middle.

5. Cover one of the holes on the top with tinfoil and tape it down, tape the middle part too so it cant come open.

6. Make small hole in the middle of the tinfoil with a pin or pen.

7. That’s it! Now go outside and put your back to the sun.

Hold the big hole (the one without the tinfoil) up to your eye with the tinfoil pointed toward the sun and you will see the sun (and a projection of the sky!) on the bottom of the box! Cool!

Stay safe and Have a great time.

Oh and here is a super cool tweet showing a news clipping from the New York Times in 1931! The last time there was a solar eclipse this widely viewable in North America!


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