It is cold out there! It is -3.4°C right now at Alberniweather and still dropping this hour and it is 6.2°C as of 6AM at the Airport! Brrrr! Thankfully, the wind has died down!

That is going to set a record at the Airport for this day. The next coldest March 16 at that station was -2.0°C in 2008. The Airport said a record Saturday and Sunday too when it got to -3.2°C and 7.2°C respectively.

Those temperatures won’t be low enough for an all time valley record for the day though. Beaver Creek station got down as low as -10 and -7 on March 15 and 16 back in 1906.

Warm Afternoons!

We won’t hit any record high temperatures this week either (the records are over 20°C) but it will still feel very pleasant in the afternoon sun!

Expect highs anywhere from 13-16°C! It is going to be great!

Don’t forget to take a walk outside. It will be well worth it.

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