April Showers return on Saturday/Sunday but nice next week!

The fog is an indication the air mass has changed a bit since yesterday.  However, we are still in for a very nice Friday as we head into the weekend.

We got up to a high of 27.1ºC yesterday at Alberniweather.

The Airport was just a tad hotter at 27.7ºC officially.  That was hot enough to break the record for the day at the Airport of 27.0ºC on April 26, 2004.  I don’t know yet whether it was an overall record for the day but I suspect not.

As for Saturday and Sunday, the warmth will subside.  Expect temperatures to only get to around 15ºC.

The rain will begin on Saturday morning around 11AM.  It will pick up steam in the 11AM-1PM period with up to 8mm falling in that timeframe according to UWash.

Rain will linger all afternoon and into the night on Saturday.  By the time you wake up on Sunday though, the rain should be ending, or have ended, and things will dry out.

There will be lingering showers along the hills on Sunday, and more rain on the South Island, but the Alberni Valley should stay relatively dry.

Next week, it is going to clear up again!  We won’t get as hot, but very pleasant 20ºC weather is on the way!

Have a great weekend!

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