UPDATED – Back Online – Anemometer – Wind Values Offline

They are back – Thanks for your patience.

The wind values came back on their own a couple hours later. I may still go up and check on the casing for the transmitter. Might change the battery just to be sure. Not sure what caused the temporary outage.

Wind values unavailable/erroneous until further notice.

Woke up this morning to the station not receiving data from the anemometer. Not sure what’s up. I replaced the whole device a couple years ago including the transmitter. The battery should be fine but the first thing I’ll try is replacing it. The whole thing is very exposed of course up on the roof so perhaps some moisture has managed to get in, or a spider as built a web or something.

The text data files indicate the anenometer stopped reporting at 11AM. Odd coincidence that it stopped at the top of the hour, but likely just a coincidence.

I’ll try to get up on the roof today or tomorrow.

Until then, wind and windchill will not be available. Thanks for your patience.

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