We will start the week hot and then gradually cool but the sun will stick for the whole time.

We should get to 30°C or 31°C today, 29°C on Tuesday, 25°C on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then around 20°C this weekend.

Note: Now that there is smoke in the air, there is the possibility that it will reduce our high temperature from the forecast high.

The 16 day outlook says we might see some moisture starting Tuesday next week but it is minimal, only up to 10mm for the final 7 days of that forecast taking us to June 17.

The cloud forecast shows the clear sunny skies this week and clouds next week followed by clearing the week after that.

Fire danger to high.

As forecast, the fire danger moved to high over the weekend for the Alberni Valley (Beaver Creek) and Parksville (Errington) regions of the Island. Below is the picture as of Sunday the 26th.

We should stay at high through the week and other parts of the Island should gradually join us. The cooler temperatures on the weekend and moisture next week will hopefully prevent us from going to an Extreme rating but are unlikely to bring us down unless we get actual rainfall.

A change in wind direction that occured over the weekend is pushing smoke from the NW Alberta fires down to the BC Coast today and tomorrow according to the modelling at firesmoke.ca

In fact, as I enter Nanaimo looking to the NorthEast is quite hazy with a faint yellow/orange hue. So I think the smoke is indeed here.

It is not impacting air quality yet as current readings are favourable across the province this morning but it is something to keep an eye on.

Fire and smoke season has reached the west coast.

That’s it for today! Have a great Monday!

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