After all-time record – Relief has come – Fire Sparked along Beaufort.

Unexpected cool breeze!

The forecast is calling for 37°C today, but I am hopeful that that may be an overestimate. The breeze this morning is cool inflow up the Inlet and it is having a direct impact on our temperature and humidity which you can see below.

You can see these graphs in real-time on the front page or on the Almanac page. As you can see, the profile is nowhere near what we have seen the past few days. The Weekly graphs, show it even better.

This obviously bodes well for ushering in the end of this horrendous and all-time record breaking event. I would recommend still treating today as possibly getting into the mid-30s but hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This mornings model run shows temperatures getting to around 30°C this afternoon. Still hot, but not crazy.

summer extreme temperature scale

Possible brief shower Wednesday, cooler, muggy.

Wednesday will look and feel very different. We should see cloud cover and maybe even a very brief rain shower. The picture for Wednesday afternoon looks very different.

summer extreme temperature scale

The high is only up to 25°C in the Alberni Valley, much cooler on the West Coast, though still 30 on the South Island around Duncan.

All Time Record Broken in Port Alberni and many other places.

It’s official. Yesterday, and this whole heat wave has been historic. Here is Environment Canada’s Summary, notice the mention at the start of * denoting communities that broke all time records.

I counted 66 communities that set daily records, including Port Alberni (42.7°C) of those 1 was an all time Canadian record in Lytton which broke its previous record from the day before, and fully half, 33 communities, broke their own local area all time records, including Port Alberni which broke the record from 1926.

Worse than 2015

What I would also point your attention to is how a majority of these new records, 36, broke short term records at their respective stations, again including Port Alberni, set in 2015.

Remember 2015 was the year of major drought and huge fires across British Columbia. Yet even in that heatwave, it did not set as many records as this one just 6 years later.

Consider this article from July 9, 2015, “It’s July 9 and as of the moment this article was published, there are well over 100 wildfires burning across British Columbia.”

Thankfully, we have not had the fires, yet. But our drought conditions are similar to 2015 and obviously this heatwave was worse. Climate change is relentless and worsening before our eyes.

Fire contained near Cherry Creek.

In the midst of the heat yesterday a fire broke out just beyond the end of Cherry Creek road. Local and BC Wildfire crews worked on it immediately including helicopters and air tankers.

This morning reports are that the fire is no longer growing. The wind will be a concern but hopefully the humidity and cooler temperatures help.

Stay safe out there everyone. Extreme fire danger continues. A Campfire ban is now in effect. The warm air will return for the weekend but only to 30°C and likely with an afternoon breeze.

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  1. I recently moved to PA and I’d like to understand your comment of yesterday’s high temperature and the times to climate change especially since the daily record that it broke was from 1927.

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