Above 20C today. Check out the 3 hour time lapses

It’s going to be another beauty of a day! The sun is already out. Hardly a hint of fog. The new webcam is gorgeous and now the time lapses are starting to return as well.

First up, the rolling three hour timelapse.

This timelapse updates every hour. It takes about 20 minutes to create the video and upload it to YouTube so look for the latest update about 20 minutes after the top of every hour.

Just head to the webcam page to check it out.. The rolling 3 hour video deletes itself every hour before reappearing with the new hours video so don’t link to the video itself, to see the latest one best is always to go to the webcams page.


I worked on restoring the full day videos last night. There is one uploading right now. They will start updating automatically tomorrow. The videos cover the whole previous day and night. They are generally ready to be viewed by 8AM.

Look for the yesterday’s full day video to appear on the webcam page shortly.

Have a great, sunny, weekend!

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