A Shower this morning. Again this evening. Then a sunny week.

It rained a little overnight and we can expect a small shoer this morning. The map below shows a light rain shower in Port Alberni between 10-11AM.

Another shower is shown spreading into Port Alberni this evening between 8-9PM.

However, for the most part the day will remain dry.

The more interesting feature of the day might be the wind as it is expected to pick up from the south or southeast this afternoon starting in the 2-5PM period and continuing overnight as you can see with the images below.

5kt = 9kph
50kt = 90kph

The wind should help clear some or the clouds away this afternoon and we should reach 15°C.

The rest of the work week looks quite nice. It will be sunny and warm right through Saturday with a chance of showers only creeping back in for Sunday evening but we’ll see if that happens or not as it is still a ways away.

Happy Tuesday!

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