A few more days of clear skies – Check out the Lyrids Meteor Shower!

There is a possibility of rain creeping into the forecast for next week so while we still have the gorgeous weather (it’s still 16ºC as I type this at 9PM!) and clear skies it’s a perfect time to check a meteor shower!

Head over to the TimeandDate.com website and you can see a great little tool that will show when and where to catch the meteor shower.

Click the image to go to the website

They are called the Lyrids because they emanate close to the constellation Lyra which has Vega, one of the sky’s brightest starts, at its tip.

Starting after about 10:30 tonight look toward the North East (to the left of Mt. Arrowsmith in Port Alberni). The radiant point where the tails of the meteors point and where they come from the most will shift toward the East through the night.

The peak of the meteor shower is on the 21st and 22nd so keep checking as there should be more every night.

Hope you see some meteors! 🙂

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