A changing week – When are the good times to get out of the house?

We’re moving into a cloudier, cooler, and wetter pattern starting Tuesday. Below is a timeline to give you an idea what days might be best to still get outside and get some exercise and fresh air.

Monday clearing then sunny, then clouding over.

The morning cloud cover should clear out by noon today and reveal another nice sunny day. High should be up to 19ºC!

Don’t forget about the Lyrid meteor shower (see the previous post). This will probably be your last chance to catch them before they’re gone. They peak tonight and will wane over the next week.

Tuesday afternoon showers

Showers will begin in the late morning on the West Coast and move over the central island through the afternoon and evening so get that walk in in the morning.

Expect stronger rain in the evening and night time on Tuesday.

Wednesday unsettled

On Wednesday it looks like there will be some lingering showers in the morning and then some thunderstorm-like cells popping up on the east coast in the afternoon. You can see them in the 2-5PM image below near Buckley Bay and Nanaimo.

If you keep an umbrella handy on Wednesday you should be OK for walking. Just watch out if you get caught in a downpour, and if you hear thunder, of course, head inside. 🙂

Thursday and into the weekend.

More showers should move through on Thursday but Friday looks like it might be the break day before more showers on Saturday. I’ll update with details closer to the time.

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