A change is in the wind – Weekend Rain – Maybe Thunder – More Air Quality Monitors

We have had a very pleasant, even record breaking run of warm and dry weather but that is coming to an end today.

Friday clouds turning to showers by evening.

The clouds are rolling in. The models show showers beginning in the 5-8PM period Friday evening.

Rain overnight, into Saturday

Rain should begin in the Port Alberni area around 2AM.

However, the model is quite interesting and seems to show a patch of dry air hanging over the Central and South areas of Vancouver Island while the West Coast, parts of the East side and Vancouver get rain on Saturday morning.

Possible thunder/heavy rain on East side Saturday afternoon.

The picture gets even more interesting Saturday afternoon and evening as strong patches of rain show up all along the East side of Vancouver Island. This looks a little like possible thunderstorm activity. Not uncommon in springtime.

Sunday patchy rain – Thunderstorms central Island?

On Sunday we’re looking at patchy rain conditions for the entire Island. Expect showers on and off no matter where you are.

The afternoon model run has very strong patches of rain running right along the spine of the Island. Again this looks like possible thunderstorm activity.

Stormy rain on the horizon Wednesday

The model has some pretty stormy and wet weather coming at us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.

We’ll see if that validates or not, but it’s definitely not going to look like it did this week!

More Air Quality Sensors added in Port Alberni

Thanks to continuing great work of Anna Lewis and the Air Quality Council at the ACRD, we now have a total of six Purple Air sensors including my home spread strategically around the City of Port Alberni and region in addition to the official Ministry sensor on top of Alberni Elementary School.

I have added the Air Quality page link to the Main Menu so you can go straight to it.

Wind readings still offline.

This is just a reminder that I have yet to install a new anemometer and transmitter so the current “0” readings are due to the sensor being offline rather than actual calm wind conditions.

Happy Friday! And Please, Stay close to Home.

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