Update 8AM Saturday: East Side Wind and Rain Warning – 30-60mm Rain coming by Saturday Afternoon — Hope for Christmas?

Update 8AM:

The heaviest wind and rain is yet to come, but there are no warnings posted for our area.  There are warnings for the East side of Vancouver Island.  80kph and 50mm expected.

Happy Last Minute Shopping! 😉


Sorry for the late morning post, I wanted all the models to be out before getting this post up.

First things first… we have a bunch more rain to get through before Santa visits.

Wet and Windy Friday Night and Saturday

The Valley is in green and pink so we’ll say between 30 and 60 (1.3in and 2.6in on the graph, if you’re wondering what the heck a “cin” or “centi-inch” is.. really America? Centi-inch? )

The image above shows accumulations between 4PM Friday and Saturday of up to 60mm.  It will taper off significantly.

This batch of rain should begin soon if it has not started to rain already as I type this but even though it will likely rain most of the night, the heaviest rain won’t come until around 3PM Saturday and then it should ease off Saturday evening and night.

The likeliest time for strong winds will be the very early morning of Saturday.  There is a wind warning posted for East Vancouver Island up to 80kph.

Soggy start to Sunday then drying.

There will be a few more showers to get through on Sunday before things dry out in the afternoon.  It should stay dry through most of Monday.

Christmas Week looks… interesting.

It will start off wet on Tuesday, but for the traditionalists among you, this might give you some hope:

Notice the report for 7AM Thursday December 25th... 1ºC with 2mm of "rain"?  Hmm... that's mighty close to freezing... we can hope at least. :)
Notice the report for 7AM Thursday December 25th… 1ºC with 2mm of “rain”? Hmm… that’s mighty close to freezing… we can hope at least. 🙂

SpotWX just updated their website with new graphing and visuals and it looks fantastic.  And the forecast from the Canadian medium range model for Christmas morning sure could get people excited.

But lets remember this is only one model, at one snapshot of time, and doesn’t actually predict snow to fall.

Other Models you ask?  Well, none of the other ones have such hints… so you’ll want to keep wishing for that Christmas Miracle.

I don’t intend to be posting too much over the next week or so unless conditions really warrant it.  So I wish you all a very very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. I hope all of you can enjoy time with family and friends.

Chris and Family at Alberniweather HQ. 🙂

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