20 Degrees?! Podcast up – El Niño – No Snow update

Podcast is up

I go through this forecast plus the El Niño and the full look back through the Winter and February Summary.

Winter is already over! First Hot weekend?

Are you ready for some sun and heat!? This is the weekend! Here are the afternoon temperature pictures for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

winter temperature scale UWash
Friday Afternoon – around 18ºC
Saturday Afternoon possibly over 20ºC
winter temperature scale UWash
Sunday afternoon also over 20ºC.

The first two pictures are from the short range, high resolution model so have a very high confidence. Friday is expected to be around 18ºC. Saturday looks even hotter, definitely over 20ºC and there is actually a patch in the Alberni Valley up to 22ºC.

We might see some fog in the mornings but it should burn off quickly and we’ll get into the warmth very quickly. If you have any flowers that look like they’ve been waiting to bloom, they will definitely burst this weekend!

We could see some Airport records broken if we get over 20ºC.

Staying warm and dry until next weekend

It’s a great start to Spring Break and it should last much of next week but by the last week of March we should return to normal temperatures and possibly some rain by the end of the month. Again, we’ll need it as we only have about half our normal so far.

No Snow update – El Niño waning.

The BC River Forecast centre hasn’t updated its snowpack values for the province since March 1st which is unusual. They’ll be two weeks behind as of tomorrow. At that time though we were about 50-60% of normal in most places on the Island.

It looks like El Niño will be short-lived!

They are already predicting that conditions will move into neutral by the end of this spring and we have a 55% chance of seeing La Niña conditions emerge before fall. La Niñas usually give us drier and cooler winters. This winter was not very wet, for an El Niño. It seems a little harder to be definitive about what these large ocean patterns are going to give us.

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend! It’ll be a beauty!

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