It just refuses to get above 0C out there! As such, we continue to be at risk of freezing rain and we are also stuck with the slushy mess outside!

What’s more. The Barometer is glaring red at us! That means we should expect strong winds overnight. We do *not* have an official wind warning for our area, but everyone else does, so better safe than sorry.

Charge your flashlights, get out the batteries and candles, put some extra wood by the stove, you might need it.

End Update

The winter storm warnings have been lifted for Vancouver Island. Wind warnings remain for East and West coast.

It is still holding just below zero downtown in Port Alberni so expect the freezing rain to continue until we finally get some wind in here…

Don’t go driving if you don’t need to. There is lots of local flooding too.

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15 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning Ended Freezing Rain Continuing

  1. Ya.  It just refuses to warm up enough to let everything melt away in a timely fashion.

    it’s going to be really messy tonight if you’re out and about. 

    And judging by the barometer, we should expect some serious wind at some point overnight.

    1.  I’ve been anticipating wind and the likes all day – and it’ll come as soon as I’m in bed! Yeesh. 🙁

    2. Well I’m all set up for the wind as we already had a 4 hour power outage this afternoon. Admittedly I am a little underwhelmed by what I was expecting from the storm so far. 

  2. Ya, the snow never showed.  Here or the Mainland.  The Fraser Valley is getting a pretty nasty storm out of it though.  That’s the thing with these things, ya just never know for sure!

  3. I’m just amazed that after a full day of precipitation not *one* of the weather stations in town have recorded any precipitation whatsoever.  

    Frozen up solid.  

    The East coast stations are finally thawing out.  Big totals (30-50mm) over there popping up over the past few hours.

  4. Yikes Dave!  Glad you made it through.  Is it still snowing on Sutton or has it switched to freezing rain?

    I just realized my station hasn’t reported a wind value since just after 1:00PM this afternoon.  

    I’m thinking them cups be frozen solid!  Hope a strong gust doesn’t break them off!

  5. West Coast is enjoying 8C right now, but over 50mm of rainfall. Yikes! Have some wind too. Most of the snow here is gone, maybe the odd little pile left from shoveling, etc.

  6. Yeah, I’m thinking a heated raingauge would be nice right about now.  I’ve also seen mods for keeping wind gear turning too.

  7. No big snowfall, no real wind, and temperature still steady around 0C…..geez, talk about tough to call!  The question now is, will it warm up before the next big rain comes tomorrow or not?  Overall, the GFS has us not going up to more than 2 or 3 degrees above freezing for the next two weeks, so I’m thinking there is more snow to come.

    1. Yesterday some forecasters were calling for 10C by Tues. Huge discrepancies between different forecasters the last couple of days. 

  8. Ya it seems like this Arctic Air that we have got the past week has really given both the computer model and the humans fits when it comes to getting the forecast right.

    The sun is coming out though! Just in time to melt a little more of the slush so that it can freeze harder :). Our steps were treacherous this morning with a good inch of ice on them.

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