A Snowfall Warning is now in effect (Jan 7, 12:55) for Port Alberni area, and other South Coast areas. Amounts of 10-15cm are forecast for Port Alberni and “Inland Vancouver Island”.

Will it be Snow? Or Rain.

Right now… the fog has actually cleared, the snow is out and gorgeous, and it’s almost 3C. I’m skeptical on whether we’ll see that much snow, but it might come down to timing.

If the cloud cover swoops over before the sun retreats, and traps in this relatively warm air… then I’d think we’ll get rain. But, if the front doesn’t move in until after sundown, and the days warmth escapes into the clear, dark, skies… well. We might end up with 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Only Time will tell!

Update: 15:49: Well, the frontal clouds have now passed over us, I see the boundary of the layer just above Loon Lake/Cherry Creek. It’s still 2.6C out there.. unless we get a bit of cool breeze to chill us down a little, any moisture we get right now, will likely fall as rain. Updated Forecast should be out in a few minutes.

Update: 16:15: 4PM Forecast is out… they’ve changed it slightly, a little more conservative. They now say Rain/Snow tonight, changing to snow. So they are still expecting it to cool down overnight, and they’re still calling for 10 to 15cm.

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5 thoughts on “Will it be Snow or Rain?

  1. I don’t know Chris. The road to the west coast this morning was snow covered and frozen all the way to the beach. Tofino didn’t get much, but Ucluelet had a few inches and at 10:00 when I left there another snow squall started that instantly covered everything again. I don’t think there is enough warm air in the mix to get rain, so I’m betting on snow.

  2. Well, it’s only drizzling now… and the temperature has dropped 1C in an hour. The heavy stuff is still making its’ way to us… I think you’re right, I think most if not all will drop as snow, by a hair.

  3. snow or rain, i’m just glad to be back on land… was on a boat thrashing its way back from Clayoquot Canyon in that storm last night. about 8 hours of heavy pounding. wasn’t fun at all. =(

  4. Yuk! Never much fun being on the water during weather like that… glad you’re home safe, especially considering the tragedy that happened on the East Coast last night.

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