5 days left until the most important day of the year! And that goes for the Weather too!

As I’m typing this, the sun is actually starting to poke through the morning clouds. Somewhere, there is a rainbow in our fair little Valley, and it’s not even 9:30AM! An auspicious start surely… and a sign of things to come.

After we get through our rain showers today we should clear up a bit and get a little colder thanks to high pressure building in. It won’t be as cold as earlier in the month, but below or near zero just the same.

According to the latest computer model, that high pressure is supposed to peak on the 23rd, and on Christmas Eve Day the high starts to break down and yes… there might be a little bit of moisture along with that break down (maybe a cold front coming down from the north).

Doesn’t look like there are any big frontal systems slated to come through, so rain, or large dumps of snow look unlikely in the next week. But there is a possibility for a nice light dusting. This is good!

So… I think it could happen… lets give it a 40% chance of a dusting on Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa and his reindeer and Christmas Morning!

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7 thoughts on “White Christmas predictions?!

  1. I have light mixed rainshower/flurries at my place at the moment… the mix seems to have more snow when the wind picks up, so my guess is to the north of us is much colder.

  2. Had sunshine here today. Was out there mounting the ISS and wind sensor for the new station, only to have it all fail out on me. So now I have a dead Davis system, and my old OS setup has been torn down…:( Guess I’ll be phoning Davis in the morning…..

  3. That’s a major bummer Mike! I had a lot of trouble with my iSS when I got it, so I can’t say I’m surprised.

    Did you get the wired or wireless version?

    Anyway… boring weather now anyway, nothing good to record right? 🙂

    Major kudos on rolling your own software, hardcore! 🙂

  4. Yeah, I phoned Davis today. They’re sending me a short cable to test with, and eliminate the cable as the problem. I suspect it is, given I stretched it out to route it – I figure one of the wires may have broken inside.

    To answer your question, Chris, it’s the wired version. I got tired of having sensors go on vacation right when needed (like the rain gauge during a rain storm).

    I’m still running the old station, albeit with only 2 sensors at the moment. Hoping to get the new station going soon, so that all values will come back.

  5. Did you have a wireless Vantage Pro 2 before?

    The problem I continue to have with my station is the grounding of it. When it rains I still get error values for wind very often (you may have noticed it’s often “N”orth during a strong SEasterly)

    Davis loves to charge you for the little stuff. But at least they’re prompt. You can make your own cable as well, they have the pin-outs specified somewhere I can’t remember where. You sound like someone who would have the tools, or access to them, to do the job.

    Good luck! I know your pain!


  6. Hi Chris,
    My old station is an Oregon Scientific WMR-968. Identical to Nick’s. But I’ve been running a constant battle with sensors going electronically AWOL, not to mention receiving the sensors from the station 2 doors over (identical unit).

    I’m waiting for the cable. I did play with the original one, but no-go. If you find the pin specs for the console to ISS cable, email it to me – then I can build a cable faster than waiting for the “Official” one from Davis – and if it is the cable, I can build a new one faster… And yes, I have some of the tools, actually I’d just bastardize a standard phone cord.

    Cheers and Merry Xmas!

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