Well… that was quite the day wasn’t it?

Blizzards, sun… snow, slush, ice, and a lot of mayhem on the Hump.

Well, the good news is it looks like the worst might be over. I just noticed that EC has put out a special update to their forecast at 8:59PM tonight.

They’ve gone from 5-10cm and “snow” to only 5cm and “flurries” with a little bit more tomorrow.

Unlike what I thought this morning, the flow is coming very much from the South rather than the North. That low off Vancouver Island that was supposed to develop looks to me on the Satellite like it was actually somewhere closer to the tip of the Island, and swung in wave after wave of moisture off the Pacific.

It doesn’t actually seem like we’re going to get any Strait effect snow at all now… winds are still blowing from the South and SW over in Qualicum and Nanaimo…

Looks like the Northerly winds won’t kick in until maybe Saturday, and they will be bringing fair, clear and cold skies.

Really, we can’t complain.

So, moral of the story, weather is wild and can do whatever it wants…. be careful on the roads… enjoy the sunny weekend!

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9 thoughts on “What a Day…. change in forecast

  1. So in other words, EC came into line with what the GFS was showing. What a fascinating day! You gotta love the weather out here in the Wild West!

  2. Wow, I have a son that is traveling from Campbell to port tomorrow……….wait and see is all I can say at this point. Nothing happening in CR at this point………I love the anticipation! But I hate the not knowing and the driving factor!!!!

  3. Update, just took the dog for a pee…light flurries in Beaver Creek, temp minus 1.9……….night all!….Safe travels.

  4. Well, now EC has upped the forecast to heavy flurries 5-10 cm, and there is still a snowfall wrning on the east coast. I really don’t think it’s going to happen beyond some short bursts of snow.

  5. The EC snowfall warning mentions specifically that Campbell River is the most likely place to get snow. And judging by the radar right now, it looks like Courtenay/Comox and Campbell River are getting the most precip…. with SouthEasterly flow up the strait.

    I would expect only mild flurries in Port.

  6. What do you think about the week ending March 5 Chris? It looks to me like it has the potential to be a snowy one.

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