At 14:18 (2:18PM) yesterday the Alberniweather thermometer hit 30.0C. Congratulations go to Richard who guessed 14:45. Only 27 minutes difference. Not bad!

Richard has won a beautiful prize. Mittens and a wool jacket!

OK, no, not really. Richard has won a nice Woods folding camping chair, complete with drink holder!

Richard please contact me at chrisale @ so that we can arrange a pick up.

There has been a suggestion that we have another contest. I was thinking of maybe something a little more long term like, say, highest temperature for the summer? Or should we do another one of these except 35C instead of 30C (Answer? Thursday! lol )

My apologies to some who were not able to participate. And to Joe who I thought had won because I initially hadn’t seen Richards entry.

I hope everyone had a good time and has been able to stay cool somehow these past few days. It’s not over yet.


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10 thoughts on “We have a Winner! Richard!

  1. I guess the highest temp. for the summer will be 39.6C
    I guess that we will hit 35C at 3:46 Thursday, June 11th.

  2. I think we will see a few days topping 40C once we are in summer… remember this is just spring…which makes an interesting many days on record do we have of over plus 40C temps? i will say none since they are taken from the airport where its always cooler but I figure the in town data should show a few as it’s always warmer in town

  3. Chris, what do you make of these warm north winds? Usually the north winds are slightly cooler, but the temp sure jumped when the breeze picked up. I would understand if I had alot of building and pavement/steel etc around, but with all the green space up this way, I am baffled.

  4. zsolt: There are no 40C days in the EC records up to 2000 which are for the old Airport site right on the river near town. (link in Weather Reports –> Archival –> EC Historical Data)

    The highest temp they have is 38.4C, August 8, 1978.

    For Alberniweather, we’ve had a couple 40 degree days in the past few years. Highest being 40.94 on July 21, 2006. (Almanac–>AllTime)

    I would expect to see more in the future.

    As for this early heatwave. It is certainly uncommon, if not unusual. Meteorologist Mark Madryga on CKNW was talking about it this morning. 1974 and 1983 were the last times there was a serious heatwave like this. And in fact, Port Alberni set a record in ’83 of 34.1 on May 28.

    We could end up setting a new record for June this week though considering the 35 degree forecast tomorrow. And that is significant, because the previous record of 34.7 set in 1992 was at the *end* of the month, the 21st.


    Dr. Madryga said this morning it is the northerly winds that are creating this heat wave. A pattern of wind off the continent will create the hot dry conditions we are currently experiencing.

    I guess the emphasis is dry and clear. Same as in winter when we get the northerly, dry, cold snaps… no clouds, massive heat loss and cooling… no it’s no clouds, and massive daytime heating that is trapped in our Valley especially with no Pacific onshore winds to moderate the temperature.

  5. That does make sense… I assume the same wind pattern was responsible if not a large influence on the interior fire smoke we had the last few days.

  6. Dan: I agree. He’s very good, and a very nice fellow too.

    Anne McCarthy of EC in Victoria is also a gem of a person and extremely knowledgeable of West Coast meteorology.

  7. Well so much for the proposed when will we hit 35C lol..2 days after i see it is 35.4C!

  8. and i agree with the Mark Madygra comment..he is the best forecaster.. i watch Global news every morning and one of the reasons is him and all the excellent hosts..we even made the news on A channel for having 35C today on the 5pm news..also thanks for looking up those historical records..40.94C… i think we might just break that this year..

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