We could set 4 straight all-time records by Thursday

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Keep an eye on the temperatures because we could be in for a historic 4 days… and hey, the CBC is even paying attention to us!

As you know we set an alltime record yesterday the 27th of July.

Today even though the result isn’t posted on their webpage I’m sure we’ll have set a record for the 28th of July.

If the forecasted high of 40C comes true tomorrow, then another record will likely fall.

And Thursday with its 35C record could set a record as well. I will go through later tonight and see what the highest temps for each of those days are and post them here.

The holy grail (if you really want to call it that!) will be that magic 41.7C mark. If the Airport goes above that, then it will be an alltime record for any date since records began in 1904.

Stay Cool! And if you’re in Port Alberni, we are finally on water restrictions. Every 2nd day… Odd/Even.. watering only between 6-10AM and 6-10PM.

UPDATE 4: We have a 3 Day streak going – And extending our heatwave

The Hottest temp for:
July 27: New Record set, 38.5C at the Airport!
July 28: 37.5C in 1998 at Robertson Creek (It’s official, we beat that too, 39.8C)
July 29: 37.8C in 1971 at Robertson Creek (beat it! 40.0C at the airport!)
July 30: 40.6C in 1965 at McCoy Lake (Nope didn’t beat it… 36.6C.. the streak ends)

According to the AVTimes on the 28th, David Jones of Environment Canada used a heatwave definition of being over 32C for a long period… so I modified my list of heat waves accordingly but the top is still 12 days.

That would mean our current official heatwave started on Saturday July 25 (click to see this months value) and so far looks like this:

Saturday, July 25: 34.4C
Sunday, July 26: 35.0C
Monday, July 27: 38.5C
Tuesday, July 28: 39.8C
Wednesday, July 29: 40.0C
Thursday, July 30: 36.6C

UPDATED We could get to 11 days if we beat Tuesdays 31.
Friday, July 31: 35C
Saturday, August 1: 34C
Sunday, August 2: 34C
Monday, August 3: 33C
Tuesday, August 4: 31C

That will give us a total of 10 days of at least 32C. We’ve never had a 10 day streak. We’ve had 8, 9 and 12.

3 Replies to “We could set 4 straight all-time records by Thursday”

  1. weather is so fascinating when it’s record breaking like this..here we are all hot and dry and Ontario flooding…East Coast wet..Mother Nature works in strange ways…

  2. I understand that the heat causes real problems for some people, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t quite as hot yesterday! I wanted another 40 degree day!

  3. Ya, I was hoping to break that record… we came pretty close. And we still have a really good shot at equaling the all-time longest heatwave in Alberni history.

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