Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Thunder rumbles in the Valley!

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    4.6° C @ 07:46 Tdy.
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    7.3° C @ 14:01 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 2km/h @ 12:20 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    195W/m2 @ 12:02 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    0.8 @ 11:29 Tdy.

I woke up this morning, had a shower, got dressed and went into the kitchen to get some breakfast…. reached for a bowl and there was a flash of light! I stopped… looked down and the cat was looking at me bug-eyed. Then I heard the rumble.

It’s not often we get thunder and lightning in the Valley! Usually our thunder is confined to the Airport on a sunny summer weekend! πŸ™‚

Todays crazy weather is just the a continuation of the storms that we’re going to have through the weekend and into next week. Don’t know if we can expect more thunder and lightning after today. There isn’t actually any in the forecast at all. But there will be plenty of rain and some more wind coming on Monday as well.

Sounds like Vancouver got a good hit yesterday with the wind. Lots of power outages. And parts of Port Alberni and surrounding areas got small outages as well.

This certainly seems like the first big set of storms since that historic fall of 2006. But don’t worry, we’re not anywhere near what we suffered through that year. I was looking back at my data (“Search Previous Weather Data” below the Highs/Lows) and between November 1 and November 16 2006, we had three peaks of wind over 70kph including two peaks at 90kph and 102kph. Plus, we had 398mm of rain in that period!!

Now that was a storm.

7 thoughts on “Thunder rumbles in the Valley!

  1. I’ll certainly never forget those storms of 2006. Chris, do you know what the peak rain rate (mm/hr) during those storms was? Yesterday at times the rain itself sounded like thunder on the roof.

  2. Ya it rained hard yesterday that’ for sure. 20mm/hr was the peak intensity.

    Back in 2006 on the day lower Port Alberni flooded (the 14th), we had a peak intensity of 50mm/hr. But that wasn’t actually the peak of the month… which was the following storm on the 18th when we hit 60mm/hr.

    The reason for the flooding on the 14th was the length of the event (and high tide)…. it lasted over 12 hours, this was only the worst 10 hour span when rain accumulations were over 10mm per hour.

    Rain :: HiRate :: Ave. Wind :: Hi Wind

    6.1mm 13.72mm/hr 9.7km/h 20.9km/h

    9.14mm 15.24mm/hr 0km/h 8km/h

    17.02mm 50.55mm/hr 1.6km/h 25.7km/h

    13.21mm 46.23mm/hr 9.7km/h 40.1km/h

    8.89mm 25.65mm/hr 40.1km/h 90km/h

    6.6mm 22.61mm/hr 40.1km/h 103km/h

    10.41mm 19.56mm/hr 40.1km/h 78.9km/h

    8.64mm 17.02mm/hr 41.8km/h 90.1km/h

    6.86mm 23.88mm/hr 49.9km/h 93.3km/h

    6.6mm 13.21mm/hr 38.6km/h 74km/h

  3. Wow. I just answered my own question by searching your Weather Data. You measured a peak of over 50 mm/hr in Nov 2006, while yesterday we hit 20 mm/hr. That was a lot of water!

  4. Hey chris love your site.Got home from work this morn @ 5am and watched the show while it was still dark…!

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