It’s been a while since we’ve had a thunderstorm in town! But we’ve had 4 good cracks so far. I haven’t seen any lightning so far. If you see lightning in your area, post a note here so people know where to look (and where to stay away from 🙂 wee ).


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17 thoughts on “Thunder in Port Alberni

  1. I’ve heard 2 so far… just in the past 10 minutes. (446pm as I type)  Can’t say I knew about the other 2 though.

  2. Heard it at a distance from Beaver Creek comin’ from town…………….but it’s getting mighty dark over me just now!

  3. Yeah, my buddy by the highschool said it was raining buckets, but I only got a brief shower here.  Enough to make everything damp.   I need to modify my rain bucket for higher resolution than my (wow, that was a big rumble) current 1.0mm measurements.

  4. That’s two sheet lightenings now wind and thunder about two and a half seconds after the light show

  5. LOL.  EC just updated the forecast… “risk of thundershowers” 🙂

    (they did have the risk in there earlier today, but had taken it out for the 4PM or earlier update I think)

  6. OK must be done out here…………….pup  took her bone back outside…………Was fun while it lasted tho’, the neighborhood dogs were unappreciative

  7. The lightning detection network doesn’t show any activity for strikes in our area, so I would assume its safe to say most of our local activity was cloud to cloud style.

    I’d love to add a Boltek sensor to my setup.  Anyone got $1000 they can spare? Heheheheh

  8. It’s 1:49am now, Wednesday, July 13th.
    I just heard and saw lightening outside about 5 minutes ago. I live in the middle of town. Not a big fan of storms either….

  9. Wow!  What a storm last night Nick! 56mm/hr on the rain meter here and 20mm total.   
    We did get something like this before…. a few summers ago.  I think August 2006.  I’ll have to dig it up.
    Thanks Tiffany for the storm report. I didn’t hear anything but thought there must have been something.

  10. It sure woke me up, and the lightening lasted ’til 3 am!  We’ve just received nearly the total rainfall that we had for all of June, which EC says was 25 mm (about 1/2 of normal).

  11. I just found the data from the last time we had a big downpour like this.  August 26, 2007 10AM in the morning we registered a rain rate of 55.12mm/hr

    Last night we got to 56.13mm/hr

  12. Haha! I think that was my step-sister’s wedding! The tent collapsed under the weight of the rain! I, personally, am LOVING this weather! Love thunder, lightening and a good rain storm!!!

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