October 22, 2021

Sun coming mixed with cloud. Amazing lightning in Seattle and Vancouver

We should actually clear up today, unlike yesterday.

The storms just south of us were amazing. Here are some pictures… But check out the video below from skunkbayweather on Puget Sound!

From the Fair last night.


From twitter: @ScottSKOMO Seattle… Links to galleries.
http://t.co/RXxlA9R7f5 http://t.co/O7CyaBkfkp


@CTVNewsAstrid Boom – YYJ (Victoria) Light show — http://t.co/cO3Wu3cbvn


From Vancouver:
@BrettMineer Not my pic. Someone sent this to Global BC from the Kitsilano area: #Vancouver #thunderstorm http://t.co/r6n0wmwNHg


And finally, the video!