Remember in May and June and July when we were all worried about how wet the season was and how terrible the summer was looking to be.

Well, as you can see from the forecast, things change. We’ve gotten into a very nice pattern of warm and sunny weather and there isn’t any sign of it letting up anytime soon.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy this weather because come winter we will be wishing for it again I’m sure. 🙂

Some stats from my station!

In the past 30 days we’ve had:

1.27mm of rain
-129.29mm of evapotranspiration (ie. the ground/environment has lost that much moisture, thus the Extreme fire danger)

Since August 1 we’ve had:
No Rain
Mean Maximum Temperature: 27.8C
Mean Minimum Temperature: 14.0C
Overall Mean Temperature: 20.4C

And our maximum for the month (and it doesn’t look likely to be broken… though we might come close Friday):
35.2C on August 4

August 2012 has been a pretty great month!

The record high for August 15 is 36.4C and for August as a whole is 38.4C

“Normal” Rainfall (see link above) is 41mm. Generally that doesn’t happen until the end of the month though so I wouldn’t hit any panic buttons at this point.

Normal number of Days over 30C for August is 4.8… we have already had 5 and we are on track for at least 4 more this week. If it wasn’t for the major smoke we had on Monday we likely would have broke 30 that day as well. I’m not sure if that was from the Russian Fires or from the fires in the Interior or Washington State. The Russian smoke was in the region as late as Saturday. Wherever it came from it was significant.



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  1. I know right! I have been noticing that your station, and the others in town too, have been registering a degree or two lower than Environment Canada. For August EC has recorded an avg daily max of 29.1, avg daily min of 11.7, mean daily temp of 20.4, and anmonthly max of 36.3. Of course, no precipitation.

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