Well… I think it’s about time we had an annual “snow pool”… that is, a pool to see who can predict the first snowfall… closest date without going over wins!

I say December 5.

Snowfall will be considered any noticeable accumulation/sticking on my neighbours roof in front of the webcam or seen outside my doorstep if it’s nightime. πŸ™‚

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49 thoughts on “Snow Pool!

  1. dec 17th

    this is like a bad price is right. lol

    but really i say… november 27th
    random guess

    or dec 13th cuz thats my bday

  2. heheh… that’s the point! love price is right (with bob barker πŸ™‚ ). Brad is disqualified for taking 3 days…. πŸ˜€

    gotta pick one! πŸ˜€

  3. Aye Chris, The part of WHEN the first snow fall (any noticeable accumulation/sticking on my neighbours roof in front of the webcam or seen outside my doorstep if it’s nightime) hummmmm lets see now — I’ll be in Port in Dec – lets say I bring some snow with me and cover you front doorstep – will I win ?? Throw a sno wball at your door ?? AND how much (noticeable accumulation) ?? 1 inch or more ?? or how much ?? We have first snow contests here every year – car dealers give a car if your right and the jeweler gives a 1 carat diamond ring ?? Can’t wai to see what you come up with as a prize for the winner !!!

  4. Oh and Chris I do see see you use the French splelling for neighbors roof — just letting you know I noticed

  5. That ain’t just english speaking frenchies.. all us Hosers in Canada are supposed to spell like that! :+)

    Aww geez, now it’s gonna have to be something good…. oooo this could be fun.

    Snowfall for this I think will just be enough to see it sticking to the grass. Doesn’t even have to be an inch… we hardly get that much before it turns to rain!

  6. Chris,

    I think a nice prize would be a weekend @ Pacific Sands – Tofino and make sure the room has a view and Hot Tub !! Chris I think you started something really good – Lots of Interest – contact all the RESORTS and try and get a donated prize form them. For advertising there facilities on this Wed Page !!!!! for say 60 days – the number of hits on the site should sell the idea !!! Further __ I think you should have more than just pic a DAY — very limited entry !!! This could be BIG !!! What an Idea !!!!!

  7. Chris — I’ll pick Dec 3 – before the days are gone. (back here in Pennsylvania we already had 18 inches (YES !* inches) of snow back before Halloween !!! Since time is limited by the day. You didn’t have much time to think of a prize – Eve and my suggestions are GREAT !! However – I’d settle for – J&L special burgers – fries and milk shakes for two !!
    Aweeee Chris can’t you let Brad pick just one more time ?? LoL

  8. Hehe… ya, I’d have to find something in the budget (which doesn’t exactly exist πŸ™‚ ).

    But mike you’ve definitely put a little nugget in my head. I might just make some phone calls πŸ™‚

    And Brad, since Mike asked so nicely, you are no longer disqualified. πŸ˜€

  9. i’m afraid to do this…. although i recently changed jobs i still have to contend with a Sutton Pass commute. πŸ™

    i’m going to say November 30 though…

  10. Chris – Thanks for letting Brad pick a day – and Yes – I think a few phone calls are in order, after all Advertising is the name of the game ( web site and hits ) Can’t hurt to see what happens. Plenty of time to get it all set up for next year. Use the Excell program – graph it out – nearest full hour. If you run the contest from Mid Oct – you can get about 75 days x 24 hrs or 1800 time slots for the contest !!!

  11. I’m partial to Dec 5th, as its my b-day… but it can snow anyday around here… especially if I bring a bucket back from any of the mountain tops I’m heading to in the next short bit.

  12. Cris it sounds like Nick has the same idea I suggested – bring a a bucket of snow and throw it on the roof or your doorstep — WEEOOOOOOO watch your step Chris !! and besides Nick picked Dec 5 – same day as you did !! Who’s keeping track of the days and who has what ??

  13. I was gonna bring some back today.. we flew up to the top of Arrowsmith, and the snow that _WAS_ up there is all melted. Doh!

    Chris, your front porch is safe, for now! Mahahahahh!

  14. Since Dec 5 is Nicks Birthday, I will relinquish my claim to Dec 5 and pick Dec 6 instead.

    THe only thing I’m afraid of with getting an advertiser is that then I’d probably have to get some sort of legal rule sheet out. Which sounds like a whole lot of Not Fun!

    I think I might just stick to a gift certificate for now. We’ll see.

    Oh, and as far dumping snow on my doorstep… unless you have enough snow to spread across my entire yard, I’m hoping my spidey senses will be able to detect the ruse! πŸ˜€

  15. Ahahaha… well then, I’ll have to see if anyone in the bush with a front end loader and a dump truck owe me any favours then!

  16. Hey Chris, I heard whispers that you were actually giving the winner a ‘Fantastic’ week-end for two on the coast!! HeHeHe….wishful thinking on their part I’m guessing.

  17. On the chart it shows I picked Dec 21 but in the chat below, it says Nov, Dec is correct. I figure it will catch people starting out for Christmas and make it an adventure. Old Murphy at work!

  18. actually forget the post 44 as I see I do have the correct date, but I don’t remember doing 2. Old age, you know.

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