Showers tonight/Tuesday. Want heat, head to the Arctic.

After a great first weekend of summer, the sun will take a little break today and tomorrow until it returns again on Wednesday.

Isolated showers could begin as soon as around 4PM this afternoon,
however the main body of the system won’t reach us until around 8PM and the heaviest rain will occur near midnight. Showers will linger through the day Tuesday before finally drying out Tuesday evening.
In total the models predict 15mm of rain for the Valley which would be nearly as much as what we’ve had the whole month of June (16mm). The normal rainfall for June is 64mm.

Warm Ocean:

The Peak reported this morning that weather forecasters are keeping an eye on the slightly warmer than normal waters off of our coast which you can see here. (Link above).


This might bring us warmer than normal temperatures in the coming weeks, as had been predicted by the long range Euro model forecasts published by Accuweather last week.

Given our already dry spring, please be very careful if you are enjoying our backcountry. Especially if you are on a motorized vehicle that might produce sparks or other fire hazards. Our local fire crew was already engaged in a fire near Duncan this weekend. Stay safe out there.

Finally, I was checking out the North America forecast and was stunned to see 30°C temperatures stretching all the way up to the Arctic Ocean!? What!? So I checked Kugluktuk, Nunavut which is on the Arctic Ocean, and sure enough, the forecast for Tuesday is 28°C. The normal 12°C. The record is 28°C set in 2006… They may beat it.


So if you are really looking for some serious summer weather, head North!

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