Runner up in the Country – Updated May Long Weekend Forecast

We were runner up to Ashcroft, BC yesterday for hot spot in the country!  We set a new record at the Airport of 29.7ºC which beat 28.9ºC in 2012.  The record goes back to 1994.  Today won’t be quite  so warm but we should get into the 25-26º C range.

It will stay mostly clear and dry today and stay warm.   The Weekend is not looking as bad as it was yesterday.   Friday we should still reach 17ºC and stay relatively dry with only a tiny chance of isolated showers.  Saturday might be a little wet but is looking better than before but Sunday still looks wet before it dries out Monday.

I’ll update this post if anything changes drastically but I don’t expect it to.

No real chance of showers until after sundown and mostly on the West Coast.  Temperatures in the Valley up to 16ºC.
wa_pcp3.48.0000 wa_tsfc.48.0000

Saturday stays mostly rain free now with only spotty showers.  Perhaps some strong showers at times, but nothing top serious.  Highs to 18º C.
wa_pcp3.69.0000 wa_tsfc.72.0000-2

This now looks like the wettest day but warming.  Perhaps a chance for thundershowers?  Hard to say.  But definitely keep the tarps deployed.  Highs to 18ºC
wa_pcp3.96.0000 wa_tsfc.96.0000

Looks like the best day. Forecast does include some showers on the South Island, again this looks like it might be thunderstorm type activity. Highs to 20ºC.
wa_pcp3.120.0000 wa_tsfc.120.0000

Not too shabby right?  It’s a better forecast than it was 24 hours ago, so lets hope it only gets better.  If it changes significantly I will update the post.

New Website

Oh ya!  You may have noticed the website has completely changed!  This is the new look.  How do you like it?  Not all of the pages and features are back yet but I wanted to get it deployed so that it could be used and tested out for real.  Over time most everything should return but if you notice anything at all that doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!  If you are getting here by any links made previous to today they will be broken as I’ve updated the address structure for the entire blog so that it is simpler.  Don’t want to do that very often but it had to be done.  Thanks all!

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6 thoughts on “Runner up in the Country – Updated May Long Weekend Forecast

    1. Thanks! Very glad to have it nearly complete and that you like it. Don’t hesitate to let me know if something looks out of whack 🙂

  1. It really looks great Chris, and much better on my Android too, once I got used to where things are – much the same look I am going for on our company website. Do you know what the font is on your daily post? One thing I noticed was some gaps in the daily post, which require more scrolling. Also, it might just be me, but I thought the Comments section had disappeared until I found it below the Previous Post – it might be better above that.
    Great work!

    1. Hi Bill! Thanks!
      Would like to know more about where you see stuff on your Android. One thing I’m not satisfied with is that on mobile devices I can’t make the sidebar content, where the forecast and conditions are, to appear at the top. So you have to scroll to get to them. This is not good for this type of site I think. So I need to address that somehow. I’ve started by shortening the posts with the “read more” links… but that’s just a stop gap.

      Let me know if you see more gaps in the next post. It will be the first fully under the new design so those gaps may disappear.

      As for the comments, unfortunately I can’t change where they appear under the previous link however, you should see a “Comments” link or bubble at the very top of every post beside the date and author

      1. Chris: On the Android I just have to scroll down one screen to see the current conditions and forecast, which isn’t too bad. Your newest post doesn’t have any large gaps, and I like the way the images are more embedded in the text – easier to follow! Have a good weekend!

        1. Thanks Bill. Ya because of how the different sections flow when they are compressed in the narrower screen sizes the posts take precedence. I would rather one of the sidebars take precedence but I haven’t found a way to have that happen! 🙂

          In the meantime, you can get to the conditions without scrolling if you tap “conditions” in the menu. That should fly you straight down to the forecast and conditions.

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