Record Cold Ends today – Rain Coming mid-and-end Week – Enter the Contest

Update: Great sundog right now (10AM):

Sundog Nov172014
First, I’m extremely honoured to have been chosen as one of your councillors in Port Alberni.  I’m sure my work on this website had a big role to play.  So thank you everyone for your support. Keep an eye on to stay involved with our City!

Air Quality Advisory Continues

With the relative stable and stagnant cold air mass in the Valley the Air Quality advisory is still in effect this morning.  Expect it to continue until the rain falls in the next few days.  All open burning is banned in the Valley (15km from City Hall) and if you have a wood stove, especially non-EPA,  please consider not using it until the weather changes and the advisory is lifted.  Those of you with respiratory problems should limit outside activities.

The Cold Ends Today

This will be the last day of very cold temperatures.  It won’t warm up a huge amount, but it won’t be record cold anymore.

Here are some records we set over the past few days.  It was definitely a record breaker!

Today Nov 17: -6.1° C is the 2nd coldest since records began in 1900 Coldest Nov 17 was at Beaver Creek 1955 at -9.4º C.  Other Stations of record: Port Alberni City (-2.8ºC 1958) Airport (-2.1°C 2011), Robertson Creek (-3.0°C 1987) and Somass (-2.8ºC 1969)

Nov 16: -7.8° C is the 2nd coldest since records began in 1900 Beaver Creek versus 1958 at -8.9ºC.  All other of record Stations beaten: Port Alberni City (-6.7º C 1959), Airport (-2.5°C 2000), Robertson Creek (-3.3°C 1961) and Somass (-2.8ºC 1969).

Nov 15: -8.7° C nearly beats all Stations of record since 1900.  The record is Beaver Creek at -8.9º C in 1958.

Nov 14: -7.3° C is #3 coldest since 1900.  November 15th 1955 got down to a bone chilling (for here) -13.9º C and -12.3º C at Beaver Creek and Port Alberni City.

Nov 13: -4.4° C beats the very recent Airport records but Robertson Creek holds the overall recent record and Beaver Creek still easily has the historic record at -15.0° C in 1955.

Enter the Snow Contest!

Now is the time!  I’ve spread the links around the page… now is the time to enter it!

The rest of the Week – Warmer and Rain

The first hints of precipitation will come on Wednesday, but it will definitely be rain showers.  The cold air should be long gone.

I very weak front crosses the Island.
I very weak front crosses the Island.

By Thursday things are picking up with more serious rain coming onto the Island.

Rain Thursday will start on South Island in morning... move north as day goes.
Rain Thursday will start on South Island in morning… move north as day goes.


And that will take us into what looks like a very wet Friday.

Happy Monday All!

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