Heed the warnings, there are a lot of them. It is already raining here of course, but it will take awhile for the snow to melt away from the collector. You can expect a big melt to show up in the numbers here and then it’ll be clear for the rain.

Update: 8:07AM PST: Wow… went from 3C to 8C in an hour… the snow is melting fast on the collector, it’s not actually raining that hard (right now). You can also ignore any “N” winds on the page as it’s just a fault on the station during high wind periods… everything is out of the S/SW/SSE today.

Update: 9:43AM PST: The snow has all melted on the station, current rain rate values are now accurate for rainfall. The high rain rate was snow melt.

Update: 10:48AM PST: We’ve had reports of flooding on lower 3rd and 4th Ave as well as at the Coulson and Somass mill sites. Sewers have also been backing up due to ruoff and high tides. I’ve added Tide Charts to the links under Forecast–>Marine–>Tides.

Update: 12:50PM PST: Evan “the Hammer” Hammond, the voice of the Alberni Bulldogs, has posted pictures, click here, of todays flooding in Port Alberni on his blog.

Flood Watch has been lifted for Port Alberni Area, but there is a WARNING for other areas of South Vancouver Island, click for details…

There is a Boil Water Advisory for the City of Port Alberni and Beaver Creek Districts. All drinking water should be boiled (rolling boil) for 5 minutes before consumption.

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11 thoughts on “Rain Rain Rain Melt Melt Melt

  1. Good Morning Chris,

    Great site, I’ve been using it since you made it and must say it has helped many times.

    I also like the fact that you have increased the detail on the site to give a more clear picture.

    One thing though, how am I to read the times that are currently on there?


  2. Hi Aaron,

    Glad you like the site. I try to make it as useful as possible.

    The times are a challenge for me right now as I’ve started storing times from the station in Universal Time. That means that all the data times are 8 hours ahead. For example, the current high wind is 53kph @ 16:38, so that’s actually 53kph @ 8:38

    I’m working out a good way of converting the times back to local time on the webpage as my only goal for using UTC was to avoid having to mess with station for timechanges.

  3. Aaron: I’ve implemented some timeconversions… so you’ll see now the correct localtime in PST except where I’ve specified UTC. Unfortunately the data “turns over” for the 24hr period at 00:00 UTC (4PM) so that’s why everything resets at around 4.

    Brad: Ya, the low is supposed to track just north of the Charlottes… but those isobars are mighty tight, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a warning issued for us as there has for the West Coast.

  4. Hi.

    Wow, that’s quite the animation. I’ll pass it along to the City Manager, I know his address… can’t hurt for them to be prepared.

    God… what a weekend.


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