Mon. Nov 12th, 2018

Rain and Wind tonight, blustery tomorrow.

  • Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

    Forecast Issued 05:00 AM PST Monday 12 November 2018 - Monday: Clearing. High 10. UV index 1 or low. Monday night: Increasing cloudiness. 40 percent chance of showers before morning. Low plus 3. Tuesday: Periods of rain. High 10. Tuesday night: Rain. Low 7. Wednesday: Periods of rain. High 12. Wednesday night: Showers. Low 7. Thursday: Periods of rain. High 11. Thursday night: Periods of rain. Low 7. Friday: Periods of rain. High 11. Friday night: Cloudy periods. Low 6. Saturday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 10. Saturday night: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 6. Sunday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 10.

  • Current Conditions
    3.6° C
    0.3 ° C/hr
    103.07 kPa
    NNW 0.9 km/h
    gusting 4.8 km/h
    98 %
    Rain Rate
    0.0 mm/hr
    Wind Chill
    3.6° C
    Heat Index
    3.6° C
    3.3° C
    78 W/m2
    Last Updated: 10:05:00 PST
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  • Day Almanac
    Day's Rain
    0.3 mm
    Day ET
    0.0 mm mm
    Rain Storm
    NotAvailable mm
    Civil Rise
    Moon Phase
    Waxing crescent (24% full)
    Civil Set
    Day Length
    Day High
    3.6° C @ 09:52 Tdy.
    Day Low
    1.6° C @ 04:08 Tdy.
    Day High Rain Rate
    Day High Barometer
    103.23 kPa @ 00:58 Tdy.
    Day Low Barometer
    103.07 kPa @ 07:29 Tdy.
    Day Low Windchill
    -0.3° C @ 04:05 Tdy.
    Day High Heat Index
    3.6° C @ 09:52 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 3.7km/h @ 02:05 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    114W/m2 @ 09:49 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    0.6 @ 09:46 Tdy.

There is rain and wind on the way. The East Coast of the Island is under a modest wind warning.

Says EC

An intense area of low pressure is moving toward Vancouver Island and will cross the northern tip early Wednesday. Ahead of the low southeast winds of 60 to 80 km/h will develop abruptly in the early evening hours over East Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. The wind will continue strong all night into Wednesday morning. A trailing cold front will pass in the morning as the low crosses the island switching the direction to westerly. Wind speeds will remain strong westerly initially then gradually diminish.

We should get some wind in the Valley too, but nothing too serious.

The GFS is betting on around 36mm of rain and for it to start in late afternoon.

The UWash model shoes quite a big front approaching the coast in the afternoon and spreading rain over us around 4PM. It also shows double the rain over the next 48hr as the GFS, 65mm. We shall see who is right. I will lean towards the lower expectation.

Here is the front as it approaches us:


It will rain all night, with the peak sometime after midnight and the last shot around 7AM. The rest of Wedsnesday will be windy but drying out and we shouldn’t see much more rain for the rest of the week.

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  1. My lawn is white from snow… was snowing when I left the Multiplex this evening after the Bulldogs game.

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