Powerful Rainbows between showers. Post your photos!

The rain is going to continue on and off through much of Wednesday too but fear not, there is a break hopefully coming on Thursday!

In the meantime though and thanks to the low angle of the sun, we have had some fantastic rainbows today! I even saw it on my webcam! So, here are some pictures you sent in. Post more in the comments or on Facebook and Ill try to add them in.

Update, hey! We were the Weather Window tonight in Global! Congrats Leanne Taylor!

Alberniweatherh Webcams
Amanda George
Indiana Morgan Grieder
Susan Murphy

Laura Hermann
Megan Eileen Goodman
Mark Trowbridge
Andrea Mahovlic
Brian Wiltshire
Melodie Wagar
Brenda Phillips-Takacs (Parksville)
Jollleen Dick
Candice Burnip
Amanda Guilderson

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