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Just one last update to let folks know there are no power outages in Port Alberni at this time but everything south of town to Bamfield is out and looks like there are a number of folks out on the East side in Errington, Parksville, etc.

Thankfully the wind looks to be all done for tonight and that should be it for a week or two.

Night all!

End of Update


The power just came back on at 9:25

Updates to the conditions will resume shortly.

End update


The stars are out! If you are out beaver creek or Sproat lake you should keep an eye on the North sky. The solar storm is continuing and the aurora borealis is active. You just might see something!


The power is out again, for real this time. (at 8:04pm)

The conditions reported above will be stuck now until the power comes back on.

We have had gusts to 85kph just now and sustained winds of 50kph are continuing from the southwest.

Take care out there.

Here is the report from BC Hydro: (when you log into your hydro account and report an outage, this kind of message will appear if they already know about.)

BC Hydro is aware of a power outage affecting your area.

The following information is up-to-date, and is the same information available to our representatives

Port Alberni
Time Off
Jan 22 2012, 6:31 PM
Estimated Time On
Jan 24 2012, 10:00 PM
Approximate Area Affected
# of Customers
Outage Type / Cause
Under investigation
Jan 24 2012, 8:15 PM

To report a life threatening emergency or a fire, please call 911.
To speak to a BC Hydro Representative, please call 1 888 PowerOn (1 888 769 3766).

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6 thoughts on “Updated : Power out again 85kph gust

  1. trees are down across power lines by china creek dryland…knocked the lines right off the pole. once the fix the fuses between here and there, they should have power on in town

  2. I think someone might want to mention the possibility of some wet snow out there tonight.  Temps are dropping like a stone and precip rates are increasing.  I think the alberni valley might end up with a coating of white as well as northern portions and higher elevations of the east coast of the island.

  3. We lost our power on Sunday due to some lines being touched by trees. When I tried phoning BCHydro to report it, I kept getting told they were too busy to take my call and to call back later if the power was still out. And when I did finally get through, the guy was surprised we were out, even though other outages in the area were already listed. Go fig.

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