It’s not looking good for the trick or treaters. Most of the really nasty weather will happen Tuesday night and during the day Wednesday, but it’s still supposed to be pretty wet during peak trick-or-treat time as well.

There may also be some wind associated with this rain.

May all your costumes be waterproof and your umbrellas stay right side in!

We also have what looks like a doozy of a storm coming for Sunday and Monday. We’ll see if the forecasts for extreme rain hold. If they creep into the 3 day window then we can be pretty confident it’s going to be bad news and you’ll want to batten down the hatches.


The news of the day of course is out East where Hurricane Sandy, a storm bigger than Hurricane Katrina (an incredible 1000 nautical miles wide, Katrina was 400) has cut power to 7 Million people, killed at least 18 people (including 1 in Canada), flooded and damaged the New York subways in ways never seen since it was built in 1880 and was its worst storm since it was founded in 1627. It destroyed hundreds if not thousands of homes and businesses. And it did all that while delivering 2ft of snow to points South of the storm! This was a truly incredible act of Mother Nature.

For the full run-down on the storm at least to this point:
Superstorm Sandy delivers a devastating blow to the U.S.

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