As you can see I’ve made the new design live.

At first your internet browser might get a little confused as it will have cached a few settings and things. If the webpage looks REALLY messed up on your browser with the new changes, then please restart your computer first to ensure that the browser has flushed all the settings from the old website out. When you come back, it should look like it’s supposed to.

Thank you all so much for providing all the great feedback in the “beta” thread. It helped a lot. And the offer remains open to please leave feedback. I will continue to make small tweaks as well as add some stuff that I haven’t had time to get to. Just leave any comments at any time on any thread and I’ll see them and incorporate them in.

Enjoy the Rain! It’s going to be here for a while!

NOTE: Along with this update comes an update to the back end of the system. Live Data will return at around 8AM Monday morning.

UPDATE: Apologies again for the long delay in getting live data back, my poor little weather station is under powered now that I have nearly 400,000 records to sift through since November 2005!

That said, everything is up and running now and, more importantly, is in a stable place on the backend so there should not be any more delays in data.

As I’ve mentioned in the comments. I’ll still be tweaking the look and feel of things but nothing major. The Forecast needs to be bigger… and I’ll add in some more content over the next few weeks.

Looks like we’re getting some more sun this week than we were anticipating before! Enjoy it! πŸ˜€

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14 thoughts on “New Design is Live in the Rain!

  1. Chris the new page is looking good – however – would it be possible to change the back ground color to the same as the old page ?
    this color just don’t make it.

  2. Love this new website. I don’t live in Port, but travel there often and it is helpful to know the local weather. Thank-you

  3. just to let you know, the links to other sites don’t seem to be working for me right now…I’ll try back later

  4. Chris – I hate to tell you the over all background color is not the sane as the old page – the old page was light green – and this page is a sick color- more violet purple – girlie color — OMG it’s not even close to the old back ground of the old page


  5. Which links exactly Chris?

    I’m going through them here and they seem to be working ok.

    Mike: can you maybe take a screen shot for me? (“Print Screen” and “Paste” into Microsoft Paint?) I’m at a loss on what it is you’re seeing, cuz it sure doesn’t sound like what I’m seeing. πŸ™‚

    I have three basic colors in the background right now… the dark green bands on the side. The light blue central portion and the slightly darker blue top conditions box.

  6. By your description I’m thinking you’re referring to the top box current conditions background.

    For the record… my wife likes it πŸ˜›

    What are others thoughts on the top box colour?

    Is Mike just too much of a manly man? πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m very sorry about the delay. My poor weather station is getting so full that the updates are starting to take an inordinate amount of time. I’m not sure when it will be done. But it might be as long as this afternoon before the update completes and it is able to start up serving live data again.

    My apologies.

  8. If all they got is the color to b—- about it must be OK! I like it generally and you could have it with pink polkadots I don’t care!!! You might make the current forcast print a little larger font, as it is kinda busy and hard to read—–if you got the space!

  9. I like the forecast on the side too and the font size is a better read now. The easy access to the web cams etc. is a nice touch too.
    All round I like the presentation a lot better!

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