Mostly dry Sunday – Rain sweeps in Monday

Sunday ok.

Even through the clouds are still a little menacing this morning we should be mostly dry Sunday (especially compared to LAST Sunday). It will still cool and partly cloudy though. Perfect time to get outside and do your yard work. Hopefully the grass dries out enough to mow!

Monday morning rain

Rain Monday morning will cover the whole Island.

It should last all day and start to break up in the evening. Showers will linger in the mountain passes into the night and early morning though with showers possibly reaching into the low areas at times.

Tuesday, Wednesday sunny breaks

There is still a slight chance of showers Tuesday morning but it should be dry and looks very pleasant in the afternoon and Wednesday looks sunny all the way through!

May 2020 warmest on record.

Our weather may have felt pretty normal or even a little cool in May, but it was still around 1°C above the long term average temperature.

It looks like that contributed to what was the warmest May since records have been kept in the 1800s around the world. Cool visualization here.

That’s it! Happy Sunday!

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