Looks like we can expect a bit more snow Wednesday morning.

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10 thoughts on “More snow comin’

  1. It’s worth noting… “todays rain” isn’t rain of course, but snow melt. 1mm of rain == 1cm of snow.

  2. A “bit” more snow? Chris, help me out here. Environment Canada is forecasting 10 – 15 cm here tomorrow. All the satellites and charts I look at don’t seem to contain that much moisture – just the opposite of the system that went through sunday/monday which looked really big but passed over without dropping too much precip. (Sutton pass was sure a mess though).

  3. ya i don’t know… they were bang on with their forecast yesterday… maybe they think the flow will last a little longer than it did yesterday so it might not be as intense, but last all day and night.

    Who knows! 🙂

  4. looking at the satellite again, I’m thinking the more intense part of the system is after the little hole that you can see right now in the barometric analysis (grey) chart… that’s probably why there’s only a 60% chance of precip tonight. that chart is over 6 hours old so things have moved up considerably since then and we’ll get the meat of the system tomorrow.

  5. lets hope that the plow’s are on standby for this one, it seem’s like last snowfall on monday they were no where to be seen until it was to late, esp on argyle street/5th ave and such. i dont think they expected that. mind you it was that darn slippy snow everyone cant drive it, right :p

  6. well.. I’ll vouch for ’em, as I’m on 6th Ave two blocks from City Works, I can confirm that the first big grader went by my door while the snow was still only barely sticking… they may not have had their entire crew, cuz when they’re going full bore, there are trucks going by every few minutes.

  7. I had to drive my employee home after she almost crahsed going down 5th between the streets argyle and up to angus. that little hill behind city hall, it was pretty bad, i have a 4×4 and i was sliding into the other lane at times, it was pretty slick on argyle as well.

  8. ya i heard it was a bit of a nightmare in the Dip and up by Maquinna as well. It was snowin’ pretty hard and nasty wet stuff. Hopefully people just go home early tomorrow so everyone isn’t stuck out there at the same time.

  9. yea i went down the dip in 1st gear/4×4 and it was just crazy all the cars on the side, up and down the road. argyle was fun going up, had a car infront of me that got all the way to 7th ave and couldnt go any further and i had to pass on the right, felt bad, cuz it was nothing for my truck to pass but they were stuck.

  10. Looks like the weather is starting to hit the north Island… I see how it’s going to work now… looks like it’s curling up and then coming down the Island. Grabbing lots of water along the way… we could get hit pretty hard, Campbell River, Courtney and Nanaimo too.

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