The forecast model is predicting heavy rain or snow for the 31st. Hard to say at this point what type it will be as the forecast temperature is hovering right near 0. It will probably depend on when the event starts and ends. Up to 20mm in a 6hr period is forecast, so make sure your storm drains are cleared, just in case that does all come as rain.

Before that though, tomorrow we should get a bunch of precipitation as well… and again… type will likely be determined by start and end time as well as how close you are to the Inlet or Ocean.

UPDATE: The latest forecast model has another rain/snow event happening tomorrow but A BIGGER ONE delivering up to 50mm/cm of rain/snow between Thursday and Friday.

Just keep digging…. we’ll get out eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: Just looking at the latest forecast model… it says betwen 4PM today (29th) and 4AM Friday, we are to expect 100mm of precipitation, with the majority coming Thursday/Friday. Lets hope that most of that is snow, cuz if it’s rain, we’re looking at possibile flooding and/or outages from heavy/melting snow, etc etc etc.

LAST UPDATE: The forecast model has moderated a little bit. We are now to expect around 80mm of precip between now and Friday Afternoon. Still a lot, but better than 100.

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19 thoughts on “Major Snow or Rain for New Years?

  1. Hi there
    I saw you on tv the other day and went right to your website. I think that is is great having someone who is actually in port alberni and I immediately made this my homepage. The only thing that I found is that the print is very small and I would like to see the actual stats at the top of the page just as a listing for when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to read. I could just glance at the page and know the temp and wind speed. Otherwise this website is a fantastic idea. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Joan!

    Thanks so much for visiting. I’m actually in the process of redesigning the website… I don’t know when I’ll be done, as it is just a hobby so I don’t have a ton of time to throw at it at this time of year, but my hope is that it will address a lot of the concerns that you have as that’s what I often hear from people.

    Welcome, and I hope you continue to enjoy the website. Don’t hesitate to give more suggestions, I do keep a list so that I can keep track. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hey Joan,

    Just curious, where did you see me on TV? No one has interviewed me since the summer so I’m wondering if they recycled some footage or something. ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. Man, this forecast changes faster than it takes me to shovel the driveway. It’s coming down like crazy in North Port now, and it looks like the major precipitation will start falling tuesday afternoon overnight to wednesday. Could be rain or snow.

  5. As of 9:20am it’s snowing heavily in Ukee. You can hardly see the water from our Ops Room at Amphitrite Point, and there’s about an inch on the ground in the parking lot. This was supposed to be rain too.

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  6. Just found this site. Just love it. Used to work at CJAV and still talk to friends there. Nice to have a look at what’s goin on in Port. Added to my fav’s right away! Keep up the good work. Be nice to have a spot where people could post pics of Port too!

  7. Hi: I saw an item about the website the other day on the Shaw Community Channel. Hadn’t heard of the site before; pleased to add it to my links. It’s great to have it available. Up here near the hospital in Port it’s snowing steadily; we must have had 8 to 10 cms this morning. Cheers, derek

  8. Ugh! tons of snow in Ukee, eh? right at this moment (12:48 pm) it is sunny in Clayoquot Sound. We had pouring rain first thing this morning which slacked off over the course of the morning. No snow here, though it hailed yesterday afternoon….

    Chris, the sky in your webcam shot right now (12:50 pm) looks pretty darn threatening!

  9. The webcam can be a little deceiving with all the snow on the ground, it’s just so bright that the webcam overcompensates and makes everything very dark and ominous looking. It’s going to be a beautiful sunset though. The sky is just turning color now.

  10. John: It’s going to be on and off I think. This next storm tomorrow will be really interesting. Who knows if it will be 30cm of snow or 30mm of rain. The “rain” you’re seeing on the website now though is snow melt, I suspect we’ll keep seeing a similar patter of staying around zero through the morning until finally we break out around noon and it thaws out a little.

  11. Kat,

    The snow only happened for about 20 minutes, then changed to rain. We also had pea-sized hail today as well. Plus wind. It’s been a real mixed bag for us.


  12. 100mm of precip… BRING IT! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m ready.. well, I was ready when were supposed to get that freezing rain.

  13. Chris: Are you sure that’s the last update? This forecast is still changing every few hours. The satellite shot at this moment looks like the bulk of the current system has passed over us and the rest of it might slide to the south. What do you think? Is that just wishful thinking?

  14. Okay, nevermind. Now we have a snowfall warning and the satellite picture looks a little less encouraging. Yikes!

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